Saturday, August 29, 2009

blew a bday shoot...

What a day...

This gorgeous baby girl turns one and her daddy and mommy through her this lavish bday party and ask me to take photos of it and what do I do, I blow it. I feel like such an idiot.

Is every shot bad... no... I like some, like this one, and the 2 others in my album so far, but... I was not prepared for the conditions both weather wise and people wise... or time wise for that matter. I think it was too soon for me to shoot an event, especially with no more equipment than a camera. I needed reflectors and some kind of a zoom lens... not to make excuses, I know a more expreienced photog could have turned out some awesome shots with just a camera but I am feeling quite defeated. I have a ton of editing to do and at the end of all that I hope to have 50-75 decent images on a disk and a 20page photobook completed.

Wish me Luck.


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