Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Simple Prayer

I weak and confused,
all my "hope supply" used
I am scared and unsure
And my future a blur
I've asked and I've tried
To patiently wait to the side
But I need your help now
As these patience run out
To look up and feel grace
And know answers are coming, someday.

It is in the depths of fear and insecurity that we are free
free to except and embrace that we are incapable...
that we are nothing without grace
that our timing is never the right timing
that we will be saved.

I know right now is a rough time for everyone... money is tight everywhere, futures are very uncertain and everything seems to be more than any of us can bare... but the truth is, look beside you and that person, standing there, the one that feels everything you feel... and to the otherside, the ones counting on you, they are all that matters, and that you have them means you are already blessed, and nothing can ever take that security away.

Good Luck and God Bless


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