Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I haven't been on here much lately... the weather is far too nice and the laundry is stacked much too high for that ;)

But, I wanted to drop in and blog a little about the seasons and the plans for next month.

First, we totally got janked out of getting that replacement screen for the TV on Ebay, I swear... I was going to get a trip to see a light house out of the deal, but whatever...
Second, Lydia had a mini-birthday at Great Nana J's. More like cake and a present, but it was good to see Nana. You could tell she really hated to have missed Lydia's for-real party and that she enjoyed making her a chocolate on chocolate cake... with ice cream on the side. Nana is so full of love!
Then, today I did so much laundry I started to discover forgotten treasures in the rubbish "stored" below the clothes... like witch tights (New In Plastic) and John's Fireman Badge that we thought was lost forever... and a number of odds and ends... I'm trying to get all our extra blankets washed before the camping trip, which leads me to the next item up for blogging...
This Weekend we are going to Hueston Woods to Camp Out. It's fall festival weekend! Games, Pumpkins, Costumes, Trick or Treat!! So Fun!!! I'm going to try to wrangle up some cider and candy apples for the occasion! ;) At least the cider should be easy enough.
Then... ... ... well, wish John luck he finally has some job prospects and we are really praying that they work out... you pray too.

Anyway, Fall is off to a Stellar Start and I can't wait to see what it brings!!

Have a great one Yourselves!

Friday, September 4, 2009

O how my mind wanders

O How my mind...
w a n d er s

especially this time of year and this time of day. I get restless and itchy to do something. To put on my sweater and gather the kids for a walk or trip to the park. Only a handful of Summer Days left and an unsure date with Fall.
Outside our pumpkins are growing, we have about 5 now... maybe 6 and I have visions of us carving some in the next month... maybe not one of our own, but a pumpkin none-the-less. Everyone's asleep now, except me, and I am playing with photos, writing this blog and wishing it was cooler out.

I'm sort of this weird combo. 30% free spirit 30% control freak 30% artistic soul and 10% bitter... awful isn't it. But one thing is for sure - to deny it doesn't make it untrue... it just makes it a denial. Anyway, I think we are all just combination of good and bad things, aren't we.

I could seriously go for some apple cider... hot that is.

I don't even know why I'm writing this blog, except that it calms me down and helps me to put things in perspective.
I guess I just miss the days of picking up and leaving, coming home when you want and spending all your time playing... like it was when I was little... or last Fall when my kids were littler. Time just feels fleeting, and I want to enjoy it. i have visions of tea parties and leaf collecting, pumpkin patching and wagon rides. I hope at least some of them come true.

well... till then, good luck, and sweet dreams.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

another month for rushing

So, we've spent the better part of this year rushing around and trying to get to a place where we can breath... and 9 months in all I can say is that breathing is something that rarely happens - in that sense - since life is meant to be lived and life with 3 kids is meant to be experienced.
A year ago, celebrating my birthday with family and friends I never dreamed that I would have the year I've had. Let's see... we celebrated Lydia's Birthday with a princess party, then we camped out in what john said would be an "ample" tent at Hueston Woods for Halloween (this was a jr. pup tent and John, Layla and myself crammed in it with the outline of our bodies completely visible as they were pressed to the edges. OUCH. Then, Rooster's Birthday with Mary at the Lodge and Thanksgiving with family. Christmas came, a Dollar Store Christmas, but one brimming with gifts and the kids seem to love it better than any Christmas before. The end of January brought Layla's sickness and February brought her miraculous cure. March the end of John's job at Wyoming steel and the beginning of a financial spiral. Layla turned 1 and John got SOBER! Somewhere in the midst of all this I took Jessica on as my first portfolio building "client" and made my first dollar in photography (which I still need to frame). John turned 29 and the cable and phone got shut off... the kids discovered the "Jesus Channels" and began singing "Jesus Loves Me" night and day. Our DVD player broke and we got a sweet one on sale! YAY! John did some under the table work for Dave Brewer and the kids got to set in a real 1918 ford ;) and ride a vintage "whirly-bird"... we went to the beach over and over and Rooster not only conquered his fear of deep water but tackled it head on with that great belly laugh he has. Layla thinks she can jump ;). Lydia nearly started kindergarten -- stupid Preble Shawnee -- but ended up staying with us one more year and started working in her "ready for kindergarten" workbook! I got in a fight with Doc Tomson and vowed to never return to his office... and I won't be. And now... well... who knows what the next year will bring.

Thank You all for making this past year such a blessing and here's to another year of miracles!