Friday, September 4, 2009

O how my mind wanders

O How my mind...
w a n d er s

especially this time of year and this time of day. I get restless and itchy to do something. To put on my sweater and gather the kids for a walk or trip to the park. Only a handful of Summer Days left and an unsure date with Fall.
Outside our pumpkins are growing, we have about 5 now... maybe 6 and I have visions of us carving some in the next month... maybe not one of our own, but a pumpkin none-the-less. Everyone's asleep now, except me, and I am playing with photos, writing this blog and wishing it was cooler out.

I'm sort of this weird combo. 30% free spirit 30% control freak 30% artistic soul and 10% bitter... awful isn't it. But one thing is for sure - to deny it doesn't make it untrue... it just makes it a denial. Anyway, I think we are all just combination of good and bad things, aren't we.

I could seriously go for some apple cider... hot that is.

I don't even know why I'm writing this blog, except that it calms me down and helps me to put things in perspective.
I guess I just miss the days of picking up and leaving, coming home when you want and spending all your time playing... like it was when I was little... or last Fall when my kids were littler. Time just feels fleeting, and I want to enjoy it. i have visions of tea parties and leaf collecting, pumpkin patching and wagon rides. I hope at least some of them come true.

well... till then, good luck, and sweet dreams.


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