Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Times like these...

Berries in the Sun {dedicated to Shana Rae whose photos and colors always inspire me to think outside the box}
In this life there are days when you say "WHATEVER, today is my day to make glorious memories and no one can take it from me..." you grab hold of all the power you really do posses, you laugh, you cry and you just breath. You take charge of your mood and embrace everything good you have... I should do it everyday... but I DID do it today.
It was like the day wouldn't let me ignore it or something. I went outside to take out the trash in a coat, large scarf, socks (which let me tell you never happens) and 2 shirts... imagine my surprise when 73 degree temperatures and a jolly beaming sun great me at the door. Needless to say I stripped out of my layers, ran the trash out and grabbed the kids and said "Let's get outta here".
We went for a walk, got some candy at the laundrymat... looked at the leaves, shared a rootbeer, talked and laughed. What an awesome day! I needed it.
I hope everyone else's day was full of perfection like mine ;)


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