Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a life to sing about

In the Pink {a life update post} by you.

(I took this photo at the end of spring I think... I can't even remember... but in light of the 70 degree weather that I didn't get to be outside in, I edited it today and posted)
Well, I have been nothing if not missing from my beloved flickr, and not just flickr, but from the company of my camera as well as facebook and Myspace. Life has gotten in the way of me taking any real photos, posting any real blogs or managing any silly apps. I guess that's both good and bad since, truth be told, our little family has been on a wild ride of change lately.

About 2 weeks ago John chopped his finger to the bone with a hatchet while attempting to make some halloween decorations out of old horse farming equipment and the hospital closest to us just basically didn't treat him so we dressed it and a week later while working on his 1991 Ford POS Ranger he caught the cut and mangled it in the gears or a part or something. What a mess... we took him to a different hospital where they stitched it and told us he needed surgery. Well, today he had that surgery. We were in the hospital from 9:15 till about 2:30 I think, then the idiots at Walmart Pharmacy wrote our prescription wrong and we didn't end up settled in our own house till nearly 6PM. On the upside our unemployment check came in and I had a nice all-day visit with my Mom-in-law. She was great company, and I am glad she was around to help me pass the time. I feel like John is pretty lucky to have us awesome ladies in his life ;).

Another good thing, that deserves being testified to is that John GOT A JOB!! He starts Friday. It's been a long year, the unemployment was rough on us and caused a lot of finacial hardship. We lost so much, and could've lost it all in such a short time but God provided us with the relief we needed! And I will say that John being unemployed opened a world of blessings for our family as well, He got SOBER which was HUGE. It was no small fight he faced, but with God's help he was delivered. Also... It gave us all time to really get to know eachother, and do things like going to the beach several times this summer, teaching Rooster to not be afraid of the water, bug hunt, shop together, help eachother, just get closer. It's been a wonderful gift.

Hopefully things are about to get even better for us and a schedule can be formed, if only loosely. It's nice, the thought of carving out a date night that we can actually afford, and having money for Christmas just in time. I look forward to making time to actually take the kids to some locations I scouted out before Fall is over and getting some photos. I want to visit my Mom more often and get Rooster Potty Trained once and for all... and get our house clean and organized.
Wish us Luck and Keep us in your prayer... you will all be in mine.


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