Monday, October 12, 2009

milestone edit

This photo has put to work 2 of my newest attempts.
1} I asked in a thread in Helping Hands Group if I could somehow save certain steps for PP in PSE 7 so that I could use it on a set of photos and keep the tones looking the same without all the cut and paste of the way I was doing it. They were very helpful, especially ad-wig, who took the time to explain it to me... visit his glorious photostream here :: I got some great help and created a vintage linen "action" that I could layer over a photo and then erase away just the linen texture. I know it isn't perfect but I am SUPER excited... and i like these tones so I think it will come in handy.
2}I finally found the lined texture I have been hoping for :: , everytime I sit down to do a search on flickr I end up finding none of what I want or getting sidetracked by photos using the textures I am searching for, it's a vicious cycle, but last night I found the texture and I was very eager to use it.
O, the little things, right.
Anyway... I took this photo this spring, but never did edit it, so, I'm pretty happy with this, and it is a milestone edit for me.


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