Friday, November 27, 2009

Hello Christmas Time!

First... Thanksgiving, How was yours? Mine was delightful. Things went good with my not-so-kid-friendly grandparents, surprisingly... and we managed to have a nice, easy going time at their house, then we went to Mom and Dad R's for some more food and family. Of course, they are always kid-friendly. Sheila had made mountains of food, so much so that I am sitting here having turkey, green beans and deviled eggs for breakfast ;) I don't mind though, I look forward to left overs after Thanksgiving. I bought new tupperware specifically for the occassion. :) At any rate I was surrounded by love and the only thing that would have made it better was seeing my Nana and my Mom and Dad and Sister (Jake went to Granny's with us). I just love my family so much! And I enjoy holidays with them.

Now, to gloat a little, I made the Front Page of Explore (on flickr) which is pretty much the biggest honor I can think of right now for my photos. So yay, needless to say my head is pretty swollen right now ;)
O thank you thank you thank you!!!
Also... Rooster's Mohawk is back... and he is looking tough ;)

Okay, Christmas Time, that's what this blog is about... I am so excited to get the tree up, I assume we'll do it the first week of December since we are going to be busy plus I need to get a spot picked out for it. We have plans to make ornaments and get oh so crafty for christmas this year, and I still need to do ALL my shopping. I'm just glad John got a job so that I can go shopping, no matter where it is. Hopefully next check I can start to buy... so, till Friday I am stuck... maybe I will pick up a handful of stocking stuffer type gifts at the Dollar Tree this week. How does time got gone like this.

Anyway, I'm going to be pretty absent from Myspace in the coming weeks but I'll pop in a little... so be safe and have a merry and bright Christmas Season!



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