Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I am so thankful...

I am so thankful...
Last Days of Autumn :: Grass is still Green
The time of year has come around again, to join together as family and friends, to set aside our worries and struggles and embrace all that we have in life, and tell everyone around us that we know how lucky we really are and we know how many blessings we have.
I've always thought it was both beautiful to bring all of our thankfulness to one day and celebrate it, and also sad that we can't be more aware every day.
But in the spirit of the Holiday... here is my list.

I am thankful for...
-nature. I am no hippie or tree hugger but I love to be outside with my kids. I love collecting leaves and rocks and sticks, watching the clouds, playing in creeks and ponds. All of it.
-memories. of childhood, of highschool, or friends and family. All my memories, bittersweet, sad or beautiful. I'm just thankful that I have them, that I can remember.
-creme horns. my guilty pleasure, they are so bad for my waistline, but kind of good for the soul ;) a nice pick me up.
-myspace and facebook. why, internet connections make keeping in touch with friends and family so easy. I love hearing that Amber is on her last day of clinical, Christians baby is sleeping in the car seat, Krista is planning a trip to vegas and Mandy is okay even though she got in a wreck that totalled her new car ... I like knowing that everyone is okay.
-photography. my grown up and personal indulgence, that is safe and family friendly... it replaced angsty poetry and hours of reading. It works for my life and feels good.
-my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. for all it's faults this country was founded on beautiful concepts and inspiring ideals... and as long as I still believe in it, it still is.
-getting older. for 2 reasons, 1) because I am still alive and 2) I am starting to care less about acceptance and more about self awareness
-my family. I have the best one in the whole world. that's a fact. And the only one that suits me. I have 3 awesome kids, a hard working husband, A Mommy and Daddy that love and support me and a Mom and Dad in Law that love and support me as well. I am not a child of divorce and my kids won't be either. There is safety in our little huddle and I love that.
-my friends. That means you Jess. If ever there was a perfect friend, it's you. How long have we known eachother, and how well... and even though we have seperate lives I can count on you. I love you. Plus, you make awesome cakes ;)
-dr. alonso. she was right there saving Layla when we needed her most.
-cheap energy drinks. They have gotten me through weeks with little to no sleep.
-clean drinking water. not everyone has it, it's a luxury and something I think of daily.
-sweat pants. my house-wear of choice, nothing as comfy and soft as an old holey pair of sweatpants.
-diet dr pepper, it tastes just like the real thing! genius!
-and most of all God... I know there are people on my friends list who if they read this blog, get to here and say "uugg" but, whatever, it's my list. He doesn't have to be on your list, but he's on mine and I owe him thanks for everything... I feel lucky to have Him on my side... and safer knowing He's there. Life isn't easy but He keeps me posotive and pushing forward... and without God, I'd have nothing on my list.

Happy Thanksgiving... and I love you all. xox


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