Monday, November 16, 2009

put a smile on your face (make the world a better place)

...corny song, great message...

today is one of those days were despite all the things outside my control and all the things I have to worry about, I'm just like "Whatever" and I am so happy to be alive with these 3 great kids and wonderful man by my side.

Geeze, I have a ton of housework to get done, I need to put some clothes on Rooster, since he literally just ran by me, naked as a jay-bird.

I'll probably be missing from Myspace for a while, between cleaning, the party and John starting 3rd shif next week. I'd like to get together with Jake and Rianna next week too, photos and Hopefully I'll be painting mass amounts of wooden, flat circles for our family-wide ornament project ;)

Hope you all have a SUPER week, and try to keep smiling


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