Thursday, November 12, 2009

:: the way i am ::

:: Heaven help me for the way I am. Save me from these evil deeds, Before I get them done ::

so they aren't my words, they are from a song I used to love and know by heart... fiona apple is a superb songwriter,


The thing is today I have been taking a look at myself, I think so many mean thoughts. I have these visions of punching people in the face and sometimes, yes, those visions even make me giggle. How horrible. I know I shouldn't be this way, I have always known better. Yet here I am, 25 and still so ugly in my thoughts.
It's just that some people are so stupid and iggnorant to the way life really is, and what really matters. They're inconsiderate to others and feel persecuted when they aren't handed the world... and then flattered everytime they enter a room. Some people are either too dumb to realize that words can hurt or they like to hurt people. Either way, it's like. C'mon... open your eyes.
I don't even know what I am getting at...

It's just that my Lydia really loves people, she loves everyone and when they are mean or rude she says "That's Okay, I still love them... I don't have to play with them but they are still good". It's true, it's so wise. It's the kind of mindset we should all have. to say "Hey, you're a jerk but I love you... and I am glad you're in my life" And I know I should be running around with visions of hugs in my head, not pounding someone's face in.

Everyone is someones son or daughter, everyone is loved deeply by someone, and no one is adored by everyone. That should be enough. So... the next time I think a mean thought about someone, I am going to replace it with Lydia's Words. Even if it's hard.


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