Thursday, January 7, 2010

I am so thankful for... board games

I am so thankful for... board games

January Grateful Daily Project
Day 7 of 31

(i know this kind of goes with yesterday's)

there is something special about turning off the tv, getting a cup of cocoa and playing yahtzee or clue all night long. i have so many wonderful memories of my parents, brother and sister and many nights spent playing monopoly, john's family got me into poker and that is so much fun... but my favorite games will always be clue first, yahtzee second... scrabble tied for second ;)

it's interactive on the highest level, it's fun and free. and the boards are beautiful, especially ones like this vintage parcheesi, speaking of which, does anyone know how to play?

Sorry to run, I have GOT to get some sleep... g'night flickr, I will catch up on all your awesome photos in the morning...


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