Tuesday, January 5, 2010

in the quiet, everything returns to focus


everyone is asleep... it's midnight. I love this time of day, when all the hectic day is washed away and a new day full of possibilities is on the horizon.
The kids got to go sledding today. I am beyond bummed that I wasn't there, john and I had prior commitments, but they have been wanting to for so long and Mamaw and Papaw have the PERFECT sledding hill. Lydia wants to go sledding at Nanny's house too she said, and then maybe somewhere else.
She cracks me up :)

I think I am going to be doing a triptych project with 2 of my flickr friends for the

Parallel Vision

group :) I am so excited. I love this kind of thing! It's just what I need to really get excited. And trying to merge with 2 people who are so infinitely talented will be a much needed boost to my photography. I have resolved not to stress about it, but to look at it as the biggest and best opportunity I could have been given, a real gift!

Rooster let me get a great couple of photos of him today... I am so pleased. I wanted to work on my subtle, clean editing, and I can honestly say I think they came out good... :) That's an awesome feeling!


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