Sunday, January 3, 2010

:: thirty one reasons :: 3/31

I am so thankful for... her determined spirit  {explored}

January Grateful Daily Project
Day 3 of 31

I am so thankful for her determined spirit.

While I may have to ask the Lord for strength atleast once a day I love that Lydia is so determined. That she knows that she knows she can do anything and that she doesn't need help.
She knows that she's right, and stands by it, and while now that is frustrating, there will come a day when I can see her standing by her convictions and holding firm to her beliefs and morals.
She may not always know where she is going, but she always knows that she CAN get there

... and I love that.

(ps:: i'm making an attempt to keep all the photos in this set rounded squares with similar tones in the processing, I want each month to flow together and go with the season... so chilly january gets cocoa browns, deep chilly blues and buttery yellow tones)


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