Monday, January 4, 2010

{ welcome }

Welcome to the blog, I am hoping to start 2010 off with a bang, getting organized and in touch with more of my priorities. I want to really embrace my life even moreso, and that means really delving into this blog and photography!

Here are my goals for 2010 as far as photography goes...

1) To learn to use my arch nemesis, the on board flash, in a way that will satisfy me...

2) to discover the secret of the black and white conversion... there are so many wonderful black and white actions out there, presets and tutorials, but I want to take the time to really discover it, I think b/w photography is such an art in and of itself that I really want to do it justice, not just slide by.

3) To figure out how to properly tint my photos greenish without having them look green ... does that make sense ... I guess I want to see green tones but see warmth and light first. I want it to look like it does in my head and on streams that I admire ... and I want it for my own, to learn it.

4) to appreciate my snapshots, even if they have cluttered backgrounds and heavy shadows. To know that they deserve to be in the family album along side the photos I am happy with

5) to be in more photos of the get-togethers and daily activities that we share. to step out from the lens and be documented for my childrens, childrens, children to know I actually was apart of their grandparents lives.

6) to complete a grateful daily project for the entire year, and always be sincere with my entries, to feel excited and deeply thankful for each thing

7) to learn to take better photos straight out of the camera. Well, to get more good shots than throw-aways in a given session.

8) to pick up my camera every single day

9) to earn the dslr that I so badly want... by appreciating photography everyday and never giving up on these goals.

10) to master the bokeh look I love ...

wish me luck, I have a lot to learn...



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