Saturday, February 6, 2010

the big snow | camden ohio

the big snow </P>
<P>gravel pit
i hate the snow...
it's keeping me and my babies apart.
i hate that there is a level 3 advisory and that even if i brave the elements i'd probably end up in trouble with the police.


the big snow </P>
<P>old school converted to a retirement home
anyway... it snowed from last night into late morning here. we have tons and tons of snow out there. since i couldn't go get the babies till i cleaned up the walk and dug out the car i worked on it for an hour, than a nice man next door used his bobcat to dig us out the rest of the way. i drove to the local market and got some donuts, i figured i deserved at least a couple ;) then i called mom to check the babies and see if there roads looked okay. they didn't and they also told me that there was a level 3... bummer. the kids were fine, i could here them playing in the background. i am so lost without them, i can barely take it. but i am holding on to that they are fine and safe and warm and that it's only a matter of time till i have them in my arms again.
to kill some time i took a walk around town, i took some photos and tried to make the best of the time i had. the snow is beautiful, but, i'm ready for it to be over till next winter.

the big snow </P>
<P>my favorite red door
be safe. i know some of you got less than us but some of you got more... try to keep warm.


Amber Rosie on February 6, 2010 at 6:22 PM said...

You got absolutely gorgeous photos today! I hope you got the babies home safe and sound!

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