Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dreamy Black and White

As Ya'all know, as on of my photography goals I would figure out and understand how to get some black and white conversions down... well... I've played with a lot of tricks and options and this one is just want I wanted... It's hazy and light and slightly off color. I am happy with it, at least as 1 black and white conversion.
I know this won't suit everyone's taste, but I thought I would pass along my steps to anyone interested or anyone just learning.

Hope they help! ;)

{ photo shop elements }

Step One : Convert to Grey scale using the Gradient Map Option
--layer,adjustment layer,gradient map, okay, click the bar of color and make sure you choose the black and white one ( the third one over on elements 7)
Step Two : Open up your levels
--Layer, Adjustment Layer, Levels
On the drop-down menu choose blue
set the first number ( on the bottom ) to 55, the second to 204
Step Three : Add a Warming Filter
-- layer, adjustment layer, photo filter
In the drop down menu choose "warming filter 85" then make sure the density slider is on 25 and the "preserve luminosity" option is checked.
Step Four : Add a Solid Color Layer
-- layer, fill layer, solid color
Choose a Buttery Yellow { f7ff9a } and set the blending mode to "screen" at 25% opacity

That's All!

I wish I could make this into an action, but I don't have regular photo shop, so I apologize...


Beverly on March 4, 2010 at 9:25 PM said...

love this. gonna try these steps

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