Thursday, February 25, 2010

Handwritten Reminders

Handwritten Reminders

I take spells where I keep great records, but I'm ashamed to  say there are gaps in Rooster and Layla's baby books. I need to reorganize all my family tree records, and arrange them into a book. I have gotten lax on my letter writing in cards and this year, I really want to do better. I want to keep much better records, and take them time to hand-write things as much as I can.
Children don't see writing or creating on paper as a chore, they love doing it and can do it for big sections of the day. They love giving things they have made, and written. I want to take more delight in those things as well... stop excusing myself because I am "busy" and make that extra effort to make others feel special. Or to have better records to pass onto my children.
And there is something so delightful, about knowing that someone took the time to physically, tangibly write to you...


Beth Simmons on February 25, 2010 at 5:37 AM said...

Handwritten notes is almost a forgotten art now. And e-mail is a much faster communication means. But, it is so special to receive a hand written message from someone in the mail. You are right, we need to take the time more often so make someone feel special and to give them something they can save.

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