Friday, March 12, 2010

Erraitea Eta Egitea Biba Dire...

Dire Et Faire Sont Duex

Basically, translated, that means :: Do what you say you will do, For Saying and Doing are too different things.

I've written about this ring before, but it's been so long and it was on a myspace blog that has long been closed. I may have transferred it over, but I'm not sure... anyway...

My Mother in Law had this wonderful Mommy, who loved treasures. Little trinkets that she hoped were as valuable as she dreamed. She had oodles of costume jewelry and dolls, and lots of other things. Their family has always done auctions and she'd sift through the boxes to find these treasures. Sheila - that's my mother in law - has many of her little trinkets now. Sorting them and saving them so that someday her grandchildren - my babies - can share in that blessing.
Amongst the jewelery was this ring, inscribed, but simple and seemingly very lack luster. I immediately fell in love. Everyone had ideas about the words, Latin, German, all sorts of things were mentioned that it could be... I was very excited to look... she let me take the ring home, and I began my search.

After running it through google translator with a few different language possibilities - and coming up empty handed, I tried to identify the language, it was "old basque" and I couldn't fin find a free translator anywhere. So I looked up Basque and found out that it was a small region between France and Spain and that they had developed their own language, known as Basque as well. I tried to translate from french to basque and from Spanish to basque, but no luck...

I searched Myspace for someone from that region and emailed them about my ring, about the inscription and the desire I had to understand it and know more about this wonderful little place.
He was very kind and translated it for me, explaining that in the 1800s they had updated the language from the old to the modern and this was the pre 1800s version, and he assumed that the ring was from that time as well, and sounded intrigued that something so small had made it so far. Seeing as the population in is only the thousands and most people aren't familiar with the language it had to most certainly be someone that lived there, maybe someone who immigrated to America! WOW!
What a wonderful History.

I loved the sentiment and I wear it now, on my right hand ring finger, to remind myself to live what is right not just talk about it and to always keep my promises.

Anyway, this is my 100th post! YAY!


Beth Simmons on March 12, 2010 at 7:27 PM said...

Beautiful images Johnna and wow, what a powerful message on that little ring!

Maegan Beishline on March 13, 2010 at 10:00 AM said...

What a wonderful treasure! And such a beautiful reminder about what's important. I love your diligence in finding out about the ring and the words...and what amazing history it has!

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