Saturday, March 13, 2010

To My Mommy, with Love

I have been wanting to write a blog about my mommy for a while, and all she means to me... unfortunately, I knew it was going to be an emotional post for me, since I love her so much, and I pushed it to the back burner for a bit. As her birthday approaches, just a few more days, I wanted to take a moment and let not just her, but anyone who'll listen, err, read... that I think she is the most wonderful mommy in the world!

It all started yesterday, like it usually does, I was sifting through cards trying to find the "one", I was on the brink of tears, I always am, I find picking out a card a highly personal thing, a time to say so much and to hopefully honor and touch them with a sentiment. I love picking them out, but I get very invested.
Anyway, I found the right card ... and I just want to write her a letter to go inside.

My Mom is a special, strong, intelligent and wonderful person. She has taught me so much, half spoken and half just her... just living and providing me with the best examples.

:: Being a Woman ::

Being a Lady doesn't mean wearing a dress, having perfectly primmed hair and nails, it doesn't mean being high-matinence of being afraid to get dirty. Real femininity comes from the way you carry yourself, always embracing the fact that you are a woman and all the roles in your life that are meant for women. It means being able to glow with the aura of womanhood" even when you are wearing flannel and jeans, knee deep in the mud ... being so soft and so strong on the inside that it radiates outward, effortlessly.

:: Being a Mother ::

When Being a Mother, you must be Mother first, Friend second ... but let it be a close second. That being a good mother, means recognizing that sometimes, more than a scolding and being reminded of  their mess-ups, your children just need to be hugged and reminded that they can never loose you. Being a Mother means being your child's biggest advocate. It also means knowing when they need you to reign them in, and protect them, even when it makes them mad. It means having thick skin and not taking hateful words to seriously. It means putting your kids before yourself, everyday.

:: Being a Christian ::

Being a Christian, Being a Christian Woman, is laid out in the bible. It's not enough to love the Lord, you need to to ask for His help daily, listen for His answers and be in His word daily. You need to hold on to your convictions and push forward even when it's hard. You need to love Him and Thank Him, no matter how desperate things seem. You need to thank Him for everything, every day. You need to trust Him and be patient. You need to never be afraid to tell the world how you feel, and how much you love Him. You have to seek his will above all others, and know that He will lead you through it.

You have been my best friend, my example and my help. You have been there when I needed you ... and have never given up on me. You have loved me when I was unloveable. You have taught me when I was unteachable and been proud of me when I had done nothing special. You have been such a gift to me, this day, and everyday... a blessing and a beautiful reminder that unconditional love is real.

Happy Birthday Mommy, I love you.


Amber Rosie on March 13, 2010 at 6:40 PM said...

Oh, Johnna. You brought tears to me. This is beautiful and so very true. The words you wrote are just amazing. You and your mom are pretty amazing!

katherine on March 13, 2010 at 8:13 PM said...

This is beautiful, i adore your blog.

Andddd all your photos are divine.

Please check out mine if you get the chance...

Maegan Beishline on March 14, 2010 at 4:20 PM said...

Wow, beautiful! I can completely feel the bond and the very special relationship that you two have. She sounds like an amazing woman and a fantastic mother!

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