Thursday, May 27, 2010

You Asked... Now let me explain...

You Asked...
Now let me explain

I can not tell you what the overwhelming response to my "Ask me Anything" post! I was never the interesting, fun, cool girl in school, so to have so many of you play along tickles me to no end.

I had plans on a video blog, I was so excited to shoot it, but I can't get any of it to work so I'll just type the answers here and do a vlog for something else!

Let's get started

1. What's your favorite lens to shoot with?

I wish I could say something really awesome, the truth is there are a lot of lenses I would love to have, but till the money is there I only own 2 lenses... the 18-55mm lens that came with my Xsi, and a 75-300mm Zoom. 
Truthfully, I love the kit lens. I am so happy to have a dslr, that the lens is just an after thought, but upgrading from a point and shoot I can really see how capable this lens is, it really is a great learning lens.

2. What's your favorite color? 

I am definitely a color kind of girl! I love aqua's, teals, deep blue greens, ocean colors. There is something so calming and fresh about them. And I get a sense of joy just looking at them.

3. Would you ever do a photography gathering for a small group of like minded women to come together and learn from each other...taking photos around your area?

I would love to do something like this! My cousin, Amber and I have something similar planned for later in June. We're going to do a photo walk together and I am so looking forward to it! However, there are many photographers who are from Ohio, like I am, and I would adore getting together with them for an afternoon of shooting. I love that you can share photography, but that it is still your own.

4. Will you create some more actions?!

It means the world to me to be asked this! I am such a beginner at this whole concept of making actions. I really want to prepare a large set the next time I create some. I want to do some light, vintage ones, some new black and whites and a set of deep rich toned actions. I also want to create some more textures, but, I am a ways off from any of that :)
Right now I am enjoying Dawn Gordon's   free light room presets and I treated myself to some of Sarah Cornish's (my4hens) actions. She has some awesome freebies and I am simply in love with the Fresh Cut Flowers  set!

5. If you could go anywhere in the world to take a photograph, where would it be?

I thought a lot about this... traveling is something I would love to do... I always have been fascinated with Europe and Africa and all the history they hold. But if I can only pick one place I am going to have to say Vatican City, in Rome. I think it's such a beautiful city and they have these amazing stone bridges with large sculptures and carvings. There are three that cross the water there, and if you stand to one side you can see the lights in the distance, the architecture all around you and beautiful reflections in the water... it's completely stunning. I see this amazing shot, with rich tones and beautiful bokeh. Something so magical.

 6. how did you meet John?

When I turned 18 my Mom and Dad told me it was time for a job. I applied 2 places, Big Lots and the McDonalds across the street. McDonalds offered me a lot more money but I chose Big Lots since it was more laid back and I didn't have to go to some course like McDonalds used to make you.
One day, while working with Doug (my boss, John's friend) John walked in with someone. I start elbowing Doug and whispering "Who is that??" to which he responded, "that's just John"
-sigh- John...
I was so smitten. I thought Wow, he is so hot, I have got to meet him!
And he must have thought I was pretty all right since he proceeded with flirting with me the entire time he was there. He came up, grabbed my micro phone speaker and says "Johnna, we need a price check"

A couple weeks later we actually worked a Saturday together, and spent the entire time avoiding working at all and deciding we would be perfect for eachother... and that was that... from then on we were inseperable...

thank you Big Lots, and thank you Doug and thank you God.

7. What is your daily schedule like?

Busy! I get up between 5 and 7, drink too much coffee, make breakfast for the kiddos, then John comes in and since he works thirds, I usually make him some sort of dinner-ish food. He usually wants pizza. I clean the living room, settle the kids, check Facebook, Blogger and Flickr. I straighten the kitchen some and by then the kids are in some kind of fight. I usually try to visit the grandparents through the week and I usually try to fit in at least one trip to the grocery a week. We take a walk around town, usually enjoy a picnic type lunch and we play play play. I am always busy, there is always something to tend to... and I do it all with my canon draped around my neck ;)

8. Where do you see yourself in five years?

There are 2 places I could be.
Either the schools will have gotten even worse... which I fear may be the case, at which time I will probably be supervising some sort of homeschooling. Maybe an online school where it will be easier to get them a diploma.


I will have 3 kids enrolled in a public school and I will have the time to enroll myself into the photography or art classes I so long to take. Nothing fancy, just to keep learning and carve out the space for me that I am sure I will need if my babies are gone all day. 

9. What would be your advice to a beginner photographer??

I feel incredibly inadequate at answering this, since I feel like such a beginner myself... and I only call myself a photographer in a joke-ish sort of way. Sure I love photography, but I am so far from where I want to be.

But... the best advice I can give you is 1)Seek out what you desire doing, find inspiration in Magazines and online. Not to copy, but to give yourself an idea of how to begin. 2)Learn basic terms since you will need to know what people are talking about! 3) Seek out honest critisism. When I decided I wanted to pursue learning photography, I joined a flickr group Life Thru a Lenz which is an AWESOME forum where you receive honest, thorough critique on the photos you post. I learned a ton there. They don't try to make you feel good about crappy photos, they are kind and nice about it, but the point out the weak areas of the photo and many times will give you advice on how to fix it. Also... another awesome place to learn is Helping Hands if you are ready to learn those are great places to start!

10. I know that you would not change your Amazing life for nothing. But if you got the chance to keep everything you have now but change one moment, what moment would it be and why?

This is hard to choose. You See... I am one of those people that really believes that every single thing we experience shapes us. Our bad decisions teach us, as do our good ones. I do wish that as a whole I would have been more kind. I struggle with the fact that I attended school my entire life, then in my senior year I asked to be taken out, and got my GED. While it was a terrible time in my life, and home seemed like a good option, I still fight the feelings of "failure" for not graduating with my class. I hate that I let, what I find so stupid these days, get in the way of my life. 

11. Who are your very best friends?

I'm lucky enough to be married to my best friend... but in my life there are a handful of awesome people I consider to be my best friends...
 My Mom... she is always there, supporting me, being honest with me and keeping me grounded.
My Mother in Law... who prays with me and also encourages me.
My Brother and Sister are my best friends... although we are all at different places we are so close in spirit and we have a special bond.
My Cousin Amber, for a million reasons.
Jessica... she just gets is :)

12.  Do you love where you grew up & how you where raised?

Essentially I grew up where my children are now growing up. The same county at least. I was blessed enough to grow up in the country. As a child I had tons of yard to play in and I spent lots of time bottle-feeding baby cows, milking Bubba, watching baby chicks pop out of eggs and running cornfields all hours of the day. It was a pretty surreal and special place to grow.
I also was blessed with parents who loved and love each other very much and a sense of security all my life. I had very different but equally special relationships with my grandmas and a mom who was always there, teaching me and playing with me. My mom also was able to stay home which fostered a lot of security as well. And I lived a wonderful perfect life. Any hardship I faced was my own doing,  that's for sure. 

13. Whats the best thing about your small town?

That it is, in fact, small. It's small enough to walk everywhere, small enough to know who and how people are. It's safe and laid back. Crime isn't a big issue and we are all on about the same financial plane. My husband runs for the fire department and we know several of the police officers. It's just nice knowing that there are people around who care. ALSO... I am only 15 minutes from my Mommy and 5 from my Mother in Law... that's a huge blessing.

12. Your processing is always, and I mean always, so perfect. Is it just that you have a brilliant eye (probably this)? 

I'll be honest... I don't at all know what I am doing. I just know what I like. I also go through phases of liking things that other's really don't. I think my editing has tamed down a lot. I struggle with finding the balance between too much and not enough. But thank you, all the same... and I mentioned in question 4 some of the processing stuff I use, but I will also throw a shout out for Rita's Actions and Tutorials  since they have gone a long way in helping me!!

13. How long have you been photographing your world in this way? Your style seems very 'visual diary' and I love that?

I find I thrive when I am moving and seeing and enjoying. Not trying to recreate something or put pressure on a shoot. I love photography and I take somewhere around 100 shots a day! It's rare that I don't take at least 20! I see things all day long that I want to capture. I love the world I live in and I want others to see the beauty I see.
I would say I was always turned this way but only for a year have I been embracing it. I thought that I had to do very structured things, I really wasn't thriving... and when I said "Whatever, I am going to enjoy this!" I started to see improvement overall. Now when I set goals I set goals that push me but never limit me! 

14. When can I come visit you!!!???

Is this Jenny Elliot ... if so, I wish you would come visit me soon! I would love to meet up!! xo

Thanks Again for this, it was a lot of fun!!!


Rosina on May 27, 2010 at 11:29 AM said...

Johnna! I loved reading these things about you--I love to learn about other people and their passion for photography. So interesting, and you're an inspiration! I would love to create my own actions/presets, but I don't think I'm that good yet, haha..But these are great questions. :)

Jade Sheldon on May 27, 2010 at 11:35 AM said...

This is SOOO fabulous!! You make me want to do one on my blog :D :D

Corinne on May 27, 2010 at 2:37 PM said...

It was great to read your Q&A's, and like Jade said, made me want to do something similar on my blog at a later date :)
It's so interesting to find out about what makes a person tick, and the behind the scenes of art and creativity and life. Thank you for being so open and honest.

Erika on May 27, 2010 at 3:11 PM said...

Love reading all your facts!

If you ever do an Ohio photo-walk, count me in!

Sarah C on June 3, 2010 at 10:38 AM said...

If I ever didn't tell you how amazing I think you are soooo want to tell you now. You are AMAZING! Thanks for such a wonderful post!!!! Lots and lots of love!!!

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