Friday, June 11, 2010

2 Girls... 2 Canons... 2 Stories : Reckless Abandon

Reckless Abandon

I think it went "I don't see that sign, do you?"
"No, the gates are open"
insert thrilling dash across the concrete to the steps of the abandonned, forgot, rotting away school
"We'll have to both get pictures here since it's so cool"
insert mini-shoot in front of the door anda glance to the door itself
"Amber, this will totally open"
I try it
"It will"
And Amber opens it the rest of the way...

Let's not call it breaking and entering, let's call it exploreing. That sounds better.
And what started as one step became ten steps, then a tiptoed walk around the rooms... a lot of sneaky whispering and a handful of photos. 

2 girls giddy with breaking the rules...

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Erika on June 11, 2010 at 6:47 AM said...

Brave women! Whenever I'm driving the backroads & see empty barns or farmhouses, I want to explore! But I'm afraid that someone still might live in them & then my husband will have to drive hours to pick me up from jail.

Maybe I need a partner in crime....

Michelle on June 11, 2010 at 8:58 PM said...

Oh, you troublemakers! I've always wanted to be brave enough to do that... When I was in jr high one of my friends lived in an old 100+ year old house - it was so cool, but very worn and tired. They abandoned it eventually. About 2-3 years ago I finally decide I'm going to take my camera and find that old house and take some pics - and hopefully be brave enough to sneak inside.... they tore it down the month before... That's what I get for procrastinating! I think I could've gotten some cool shots, but now I'll never know... :( Glad that you got yours - and they look so awesome!

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